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Representing New Yorkers in business estate disputes

As a previous post discussed, sometimes Rochester, New York, residents can find themselves embroiled in a probate legal dispute, even with other family members and loved ones. Oftentimes, these disputes arise because some heirs or beneficiaries question how the personal representative or other designated person is handling the family business.

How courts could interpret New York wills

A previous post on this blog discussed how residents of Rochester, New York, can contest a will if they feel they have legal grounds to do so. Indeed, estate litigation, including will contests, can be very important when a person who has a right to an inheritance is being bullied or taken advantage of by someone else involved in the process.

On what grounds can a will contest be based?

Losing a loved one can result in strong emotions, especially if family members do not get along or if there is a very sentimental attachment to certain items of the deceased's property. If a loved one in Rochester left a will, this can help sort out inheritance issues. However, is there anything that can be done if you think that the terms of the will should not be followed?

Estate litigation can be legally complex and emotionally charged

When people in New York die their assets will usually go through the probate process before being distributed to heirs. The person's surviving loved ones may be in a state of grief, and may be relying on the executor of their loved one's estate to take care of the estate administration details. Unfortunately, certain circumstances may come up in which there is a dispute with regards to the administration of a person's estate.

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