Child Custody And Visitation Rights

Sound Representation In Child Custody Matters

The details of child custody and visitation are often the most emotionally charged and difficult to negotiate aspects of a divorce, separation, or a family court custody proceeding. It is critical to work with an attorney who can provide you with sound counsel and protect your interests regarding child custody and visitation.

We represent clients of all genders and sexual orientations in custody and visitation matters, including same-sex couples who are facing divorce.

The Importance Of Getting Child Custody Right The First Time

It is common for clients to come to us during a divorce or separation and say they want to keep the other parent from ever seeing the children. In other cases, we see clients who are well past the time of their divorces and they want to modify their existing child custody orders to better accommodate their changing lifestyles.

It is important to note that it is extremely difficult to keep your spouse from having access to the children. While we do represent clients in modifications, it is no simple process to get the courts to sign off on a child custody modification. Sometimes the court has situations that involve a parent being accused of neglect or abuse as it relates to custody. In these instances, and others an Attorney for the Child will be appointed to determine the validity of the claims against the parent.

Historically, the Court follows the previous Custody Order and that is why it is important to get it right the first time whether in family court or divorce court. The first custody order is important to the future of your visitation with your child or children.

The only situations in which the courts will readily agree to keeping a parent from seeing their children is if there is abuse, neglect or related issues in play that are not isolated incidents, or a substantial change in circumstance has occurred. Otherwise, the courts will usually lean toward leaving custody and visitation arrangements as they were in a previous order.

We can help make sure your children are taken care of and that your interests are met in the parenting plan established in your divorce.

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