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How Much Do You Know About Elder Abuse? Take the Quiz...

Elizabeth attended Lifespan's presentation today on recognizing and preventing elder abuse and mistreatment. Here is a quiz to test your knowledge of emerging trends in the area of elder abuse. The answers will be posted later this week.

Elder Mistreatment: An Overview & Emerging Trends

True or False:

1. Most elder abuse/mistreatment occurs in nursing homes ( T / F ).

2. In most cultural groups in the United States, adult daughters are the primary caregivers for elderly people (excluding spouses) ( T / F ).

3. According to most studies, verbal abuse is the most common form of elder abuse ( T / F ).

4. The Federal government appropriates equal amounts of money to combat each category of family violence: child abuse, domestic violence, and elder abuse ( T / F ).

5. Adult children are the primary perpetrators of elder abuse/mistreatment ( T / F ).

6. Elderly women who are victims of domestic violence are reluctant to leave their husbands because they have gotten used to the abuse ( T / F ).

7. Victims of elder abuse/mistreatment self-refer for help in approximately 5% of all the reported cases ( T / F ).

Thanks to Lifespan for the presentation and the quiz, and again, the answers will follow later in the week! 

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