Rochester Real Estate And Corporate Lawyers

Your Family’s Law Firm

At Weinstein & Randisi, we take our commitment to being your family’s law firm very seriously. To us, that means serving as a resource for not only your estate planning needs, but the other legal issues which often arise as you make plans for the future, work through the estate administration process or face elder law issues.

Our Rochester, New York, law firm is focused by design, so that we can consistently provide the highest quality legal services in our field. However, our attorneys draw on diverse backgrounds and have extensive legal experience that allows them to help clients navigate a variety of related legal issues with ease.

Real Estate

For many families, homes and other real estate holdings are the assets that require the most thought, preparation and paperwork to transfer or sell as they plan for the future or administer an estate. Our lawyers understand the real estate process, and often handle real estate closings for existing clients or as part of an estate administration.

Business Formation

Planning for the future often starts with planning for a new business venture. While many entrepreneurs and small businesses focus on plans for running their business, our attorneys are focused on helping them protect their assets through different business forms, such as limited liability companies (LLC) or S corporations. As we do this, we also help them plan for the day they will be ready to leave their business, through succession planning.

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