Handling Complex Estate Tax Matters

Efficient Transfer Of Wealth

A major consideration in estate planning are the tax consequences. Passing on wealth in one manner will have very different consequences than passing on the same wealth in a different manner. Passing on wealth in a way that minimizes tax consequences is an important consideration in establishing a comprehensive estate plan.

Although federal law allows for an exemption from estate taxes for estates up to around $12 million, New York still taxes estates over $6.11 million. The assets that make up an estate can add up quickly, and many people are surprised to find that their estates are worth more than the limit. Speak with a Rochester estate tax planning attorney from our firm to discuss your estate planning options.

If you are like most people, you do not want to pay a single dime more than necessary in taxes. Our lawyers can look at your financial situation and help pass on your wealth through various estate planning instruments in the most efficient manner possible. With more than 50 years of legal experience, our lawyers will walk you through every step of the estate planning process so you know your options and can make smart estate planning decisions.

We will help you consider wills, trusts and other estate planning instruments to determine the most efficient means possible for accomplishing your wealth transfer goals. Our attorneys understand the legal as well as personal considerations that go into these decisions, and we will be there to walk you through the process.

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