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Most people know that they need to prepare for the transfer of their assets at death as well as their long-term health care, but you might not know the various risks and potential pitfalls of handling these matters on your own. With all of the do-it-yourself estate planning options available on the internet, many people risk introducing inefficiencies and facing unnecessary costs in their estate plans.

At Weinstein & Randisi, our Rochester asset protection planning attorneys provide sound counsel and assistance for clients looking to protect their assets for their spouses, children and other loved ones. We help clients with:

  • Health care planning: Our experienced lawyers can help you find the health care services you need and choose a nursing home facility that will best serve your personal and financial needs.
  • Efficient asset transfer and gifting: When executing a will and trust documents, it is important to do so in the most efficient manner possible. Our attorneys can help you establish a comprehensive estate plan that will avoid unnecessary taxes and pass on your wealth efficiently.
  • Medicaid planning: Medicaid is a tremendous benefit for people who need help affording health care, but it is also extremely complicated. For every Medicaid rule, there are various exceptions and complications. Most people don’t know about the various assets that Medicaid recipients are not required to contribute toward the cost of their care. Our attorneys can help you maximize your remaining assets to provide a legacy for your children and loved ones.

As your family’s law firm, Weinstein & Randisi is here to help you protect your assets and make sound decisions for you and your family going forward. Most law firms charge for everything, even phone calls and meetings. We offer flat fees for most of our services and we do not charge for meetings and calls. We want you to feel comfortable calling us with your questions and concerns. At Weinstein & Randisi, we are truly here to help you.

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