Legal Protection For Children And Adults

Care Of Children And Incapacitated Persons

An important consideration for many people establishing estate plans involves the care of loved ones who lack the capacity to make their own financial and personal decisions. Minor children, elderly relatives, adults with special needs and others need to have someone responsible for their care.

A guardianship is a legal instrument whereby an agent (called the “guardian”) assumes personal decision-making control over another person (called the “ward”) who lacks the capacity to make decisions alone. A conservatorship is a similar legal instrument, only it involves financial decision-making rather than personal. Guardianships and conservatorships can be assigned to anyone lacking capacity, including minor children, people with special needs and the elderly.

At Weinstein & Randisi, our Rochester guardianship attorneys have a thorough understanding of the legal complications and personal considerations involved with guardianships and conservatorships. We will provide you with the information and counsel you need to make sound decisions for you and your family. We represent guardians and conservators through every step of the process.

Guardianships And Conservatorships For Minor Children

For many parents establishing an estate plan, it is important to think about who would care for the children if something were to happen to the parents that rendered them unable to care for them. Guardianships and conservatorships can be established to provide long-term care of minor children.

Guardianships And Conservatorships For Incapacitated Adults

Elderly relatives or loved ones with special needs require a uniquely intensive level of personalized care from family and friends. A conservatorship and/or guardianship can provide the legal authority needed to provide that level of care.

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