Missing Casey Kasem shows need for long-term care planning

by | May 17, 2014 | Long-Term Care Planning |

While many are focusing on estate planning, others are dealing with the issues that can arise when caring for elderly family members. The famous radio host Casey Kasem is one recent example of how long-term care planning, or the lack thereof, comes into play, and New York residents can take note to learn how not to end up in a similar situation.

According to reports, the former radio host is advancing in age and was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Now, those close to the deejay think he may have “early onset Parkinson’s dementia.” Last year, Kasem’s daughter petitioned to be named temporary conservator for her father, claiming that he had been isolated from his friends and family. She and her husband had been given power of attorney in 2007, but claimed in last year’s petition that they had been unable to check on the man’s health. A judge denied the request, however, stating that Kasem was being cared for by his wife.

This year, another judge handed down a different decision and on May 12, appointed Kasem’s daughter as his temporary conservator. According to the daughter’s lawyer, the judge also ordered that where Kasem is currently staying being disclosed. His daughter had not been able to locate him and believed Kasem and his wife may have left the country. The conservatorship will stay in effect until June 20. At that time, the courts will decide if the conservatorship should be made permanent.

Petitioning to be named a guardian or conservator of another person can be a difficult and weighty decision. For those in need of long-term care, however, it may be a much-needed one. Discussing the individual situation with an estate planning attorney can help family members navigate the courts during this emotionally challenging time.

Source: CNN, “Judge appoints Casey Kasem’s daughter as temporary conservator” Jane Caffrey, May. 13, 2014