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December 2016 Archives

The importance of a health care proxy

For better or for worse, it is often major life events that inspire people to seek estate planning assistance. A new mother or father will take action to protect their child by establishing a guardianship and conservatorship to provide long-term care in the event that the parent is incapacitated. Some people are motivated to establish a plan only when their own parents pass away. Unlike like some other estate planning tools, a health care proxy becomes important the moment you turn 18. Even if you have no children and own no assets, you still have values that should be considered in the event of a medical emergency.

The myth of easy, accessible elder care

Misconceptions and assumptions about aging and elder care can be dangerous. Many people assume that the government or their children will take care of them when they get older. They harbor a vision of care paid for by Social Security or some other program and handled by competent professionals. The truth is that elder care is largely in the hands of the individual. If you do not have a plan in place, the reality of your long-term care will likely come as a disappointing shock.

How a special needs trust can help when estate planning

A concern that many New York residents have when they are drafting documents in an estate plan is when they have a loved one who has a mental or physical disability. This can be a complex and worrisome issue that might lead to family disputes. However, there are certain strategies that can be taken to try and make sure there are no disagreements and the person who is in need of assistance will be cared for. This is where a special needs trust can be useful.

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