Probate litigation and inheritance-related disputes

by | Dec 24, 2014 | Probate Litigation |

The death of a relative is difficult to cope with no matter how the person passes away. Whether it is an aged parent who has finally lost a long battle with old age or illness, or a son or daughter who dies suddenly without any kind of notice, the emotions that mourners experience will be difficult for them to navigate. On top of these difficult emotions, though, are the necessary steps that usually must be taken relating to probate proceedings regarding the loved one’s estate.

If you have been named as the administrator of a loved one’s estate, you may want to contract the services of a law firm with estate administration experience. At Weinstein & Randisi, we have a team of experienced attorneys on staff to help you with all of your and your family’s probate litigation needs. We can review your situation and provide the advice you need to navigate this difficult area of the law.

Hopefully, your deceased relative has a will or other types of estate planning documents on file. Such documents will give the appropriate guidance to the court and estate administrator to ensure your loved one’s wishes are carried out after his or her death. However, even if no will is on file, then intestate laws will come into play to determine the distribution of the contents of the estate. In such situations, different family members may wish to assert their rights in court to ensure that they receive the share of money and property that is justly due to them.

At Weinstein & Randisi, we want to help make sure that you and your family are well taken care of in the months that follow your loved one’s passing. We also want to help you preserve the continuity of your family and resolve any kind of inheritance-related disputes and/or probate disputes as amicably and peacefully as possible. Sometimes, this requires a certain level of tact and grace during probate proceedings, to ensure that a family remains on good terms when valid questions relating to inheritance rights present themselves during probate litigation.