Why do you need to consider appointing a guardian in New York?

by | Dec 18, 2014 | Long-Term Care Planning |

To understand why an adult guardian may need to be appointed, it is wise to look at the duties that such a person will have. If it is clear that these responsibilities would be beneficial, then it may be the right time to set up a guardianship in New York.

One of the duties of the guardian is to be in real contact with the person whom they are assisting, and they do this by visiting them at least four separate times during a calendar year. This ensures that they really know what their charge needs them to do. In many cases, a court order may insist that a guardian visits the person more often than that.

The main duty that the guardian has is to be in charge of money, assets and wealth on behalf of the person who is in his or her charge. For example, he or she may make withdrawals from the bank account and provide that person with a set amount of money each month, ensuring that they do not use it all on their own.

The guardian may also be in charge of making medical decisions, such as determining when medical care is needed and what types of care are permitted. They may also help plan out long-term care options or provide medication options.

Overall, the guardian’s goal is to take care of the charge and make crucial decisions that that person has been deemed unfit to make on his or her own.

Guardianship can be very complicated since some of the rights of the person who has been placed under the guardianship are being taken away, so it is important to know exactly how this process works.

Source: The New York State Office of Children and Family Services, “Guide to Adult Guardianship” Dec. 15, 2014