Getting an attorney to help craft your will is a good idea

by | Jul 14, 2015 | Wills |

Having a will in place can be a true blessing. Knowing what will happen when you are gone and can no longer voice your preferences can be such a good thing. Your will can see that your property and assets are left to the people or organizations that you want them to go to.

You can name a guardian for your minor children; you can name someone to be a manger for your assets. Finally, you can name an executor. This is someone who sees that the terms of your will are carried out as you want them to be.

In New York, if you die without a will your property will be distributed according to the “intestacy” laws. This means that your closest relatives will get your property, divided equally between them. Even if you don’t have a spouse, your children and grandchildren will inherit your property.

This can go on until your great grandchildren, cousins and other distant relatives have your property. If no relatives can be found, the state will inherit your property.

Having that will in place is just one tool that is used for estate planning. At the law firm of Weinstein & Randisi, in Rochester, New York, we can guide you through the process of creating a will that has your wishes and your intentions listed. We listen to you and give you the different options available to you.

If your wishes change over the years, we can help you craft your will to your desires. Many times, as we age, the things that were important to us as youngsters are not our priority now. Ideas change.

Having an experienced attorney by your side can mean peace of mind. We know what it takes to have a legal will in place that will stand up to scrutiny and will get your desires and wishes iterated.