Estate administration may require professional help

by | Nov 30, 2015 | Estate Administration |

If you have been involved in an estate that went into probate you know how long and extensive of a problem this can be. Leaving your entire estate without a plan or a will can ensure there will be infighting and enmity among your heirs. Even people whom you never wanted to leave anything to can end up with a portion of your estate.

Perhaps you have that one child that seemed to need much more help financially while you were alive than did your other kids. If you don’t spell it out for them, the court will decide for you and this child could end up with property and assets you never intended him or her to have.

Being a part of this estate planning means that you need to appoint an executor or a trustee to make sure that your estate is administered the way you want it to be. This person has to be someone you trust because he or she has complete control over your estate. If sued or brought to court, the individual can be held to a higher authority. If no one challenges the will, pretty much what this person says is what happens. His or her interpretation of your will and estate are gospel.

At Weinstein & Randisi, we have vast experience in guiding estate administrators through the maze of getting an estate plan established and handled. We work closely with you and will do whatever research is needed in order to give you the right advice on what needs to happen and when it needs to occur.

We will help you to see the estate administration is completed and will be by your side to ensure that the will is properly read and the desires of the person who died are entirely implemented. Bringing us in early can be a big help when all you need to be doing is grieving the loss of your loved one.