Estate-related disputes require skilled legal representation

by | Dec 1, 2015 | Probate Litigation |

Unfortunately, not all probate issues proceed as smoothly as New York residents hope they will. Litigation revolving around trusts, wills and estates has become more prevalent than ever in the state. Most of these roadblocks occur because family members disagree about the dispersal of an inheritance. When this happens, it becomes difficult for the bereaved to sort out the details alone. This often results in the possibility of probate litigation, which typically requires assistance from a New York probate administration attorney.

At our Monroe County firm, we have experience representing those involved in an estate-related dispute. We know that you are probably experiencing stress and sadness over the death of your loved one so we take the time to offer solid dispute resolution techniques. Our attorneys have a comprehensive understanding of New York’s probate laws and are equipped to work with you is all probate scenarios.

Due to the family-centered nature of probate litigation, we understand the complicated and unique properties of each individual case. For example, sometimes family members discover a relative has changed his or her will because of influences outside of the family. Another example involves estate mishandling by a will executor. Yet another example is when family members simply have a dispute about the legal documentation.

Whatever factors drive probate litigation, families need trained and experienced legal representation to resolve the issue. Putting the matter to rest once and for all gives all involved the peace of mind they need to move forward after the death of a loved one. Please visit our legal website to learn more about the probate process and how the right attorney can make a big difference in the outcome.