Putting a will in place can help your heirs know what you want

by | Jan 18, 2016 | Wills |

Putting a will together can be a long process if you don’t have an attorney to help you. Your will needs to be able to stand up to scrutiny and be water tight if your heirs decide to contest it. You may want to contact an estate-planning law firm like Weinstein & Randisi. We want what you want and that is a will that tells your children exactly who gets what. You may not think your estate adds up to much, but you would be surprised at how costly your home, vehicles and possessions are. Do you have a summer home? This counts, too.

Even if you aren’t wealthy, your kids cherish the things that they remember like the family china and the quilt that was on their bed while they were growing up. It isn’t always about money, but memories. Part of an estate plan is putting your will in place and altering it over the years to better fit your situation.

A will, or last will and testament, is a document that is considered a legal document and tells the court exactly how you want your property and assets distributed when you are no longer here.

Lots of people think that a written will is unnecessary because they told their kids who gets what. This may cause so much confusion and hurt feelings. Without a written will that is witnessed correctly and notarized, your wishes may not be honored and your children may be emotionally damaged by this.

Calling us in to help you put a will in place is a good starting place for an estate plan. A will can be something that changes and grows over the years. It isn’t always written and unchanged over the years. It is a document that may have to be altered. We know this and will be available to you should you need to make alterations.