Probate litigation in New York

by | Mar 23, 2016 | Probate Litigation |

The period of time following the loss of a loved one’d death is emotionally traumatic for all family members and friends of the individual who died. It is enough just to process the intensity of feelings and emotions that will come — often in waves — during the mourning process. The need to navigate the probate process on top of this can seem like an impossible task.

The nuts and bolts of probate law, finances, and dealing with the potential heirs and beneficiaries of a deceased loved one’s estate are complicated issues to negotiate. As such, for New York residents who have been tasked as the executor of a deceased loved one’s estate, it may be necessary to contract the services of an experienced estate attorney to help wrap up the legal aspects of the probate process.

Fortunately, at Weinstein Randisi we deal with probate matters on behalf of New York residents all the time. We take an organized and systematic approach in all the probate matters we take on. At all times, our primary goal is to ensure that all parties are treated fairly and inappropriately under the law. In this respect, we often represent estate representatives. In doing so, we release them of virtually all the burdens associated with their charge. We also represent potential heirs and beneficiaries to ensure that their rights to inherit part of a loved one’s estate are protected.

Remember: Grieving loved ones often experience intense physical symptoms, deep emotional pain and psychological turmoil. If there is any time when a New York resident is tempted to “go it alone,” and try to navigate complex financial and legal processes — like probate proceedings — without professional assistance, it is certainly not the right moment to try and do this after the death of someone close.