Miles Davis heirs very involved in feature film

by | Apr 1, 2016 | Trustees, Executors & Fiduciaries |

The heirs of Miles Davis have been working to guard his legacy for years. It’s not something the former music legend was explicit about, said Davis’ son. The son said Davis trusted all of his heirs, and they believe he would want them to safeguard his music and other creative works.

The estate includes music and paintings as well as the personal story of the artist himself. The heirs work together to decide how music from the estate should be released, and when someone approaches the heirs about using the artist’s music, they are very careful about giving permission. Davis’ daughter said the heirs don’t give permission if the creative use doesn’t appear to be on the “up and up” to them.

One big decision the heirs recently made is to approve a movie based on the trumpet-player’s life. The movie will star Don Cheadle, who will also direct it. This movie is being made after many people approached the heirs through the years with ideas for a feature film about the musician. According to Miles Davis’ daughter, one filmmaker proposed opening a movie about the man with a scene involving a car accident and illicit drugs, and the family didn’t believe that was something they wanted to see.

The story of how Miles Davis’s heirs have worked together over the years to safeguard his legacy is an inspiring one. While many people don’t leave behind such a big creative legacy, every person does leave behind something. Everyone has some assets, some stories and some desire to see their life mean something. Heirs, executors and trustees can work together with legal assistance from professionals to ensure every person’s legacy is protected.

Source: 89.3 KPCC, “Meet the Miles Davis heirs who keep his work alive and made ‘Miles Ahead’,” Darby Maloney, March 31, 2016