If probate litigation looms on your horizon, an attorney can help

by | May 28, 2016 | Probate Litigation |

Regardless of the reasons, there are times when legal disputes may arise related to a loved one’s estate plan. Anytime people have lost a loved one and probate litigation lands on the table, emotions can run extremely high. A great way to get help resolving these issues is seeking representation from a sensitive and professional attorney. If not handled with care, disputes can escalate quickly and before you know it, things have gotten entirely out of hand.

Many disputes over a loved-one’s will are valid and require a professional approach. One or more surviving family members may have concerns about the mental state of the deceased or the presence of fraud. Others may disagree, resulting in deep and lasting conflict that can affect how the deceased’s property is distributed. These are important, sensitive estate issues that are best resolved with a careful hand.

Monroe County, New York, residents with concerns or questions about a loved one’s estate can find professional assistance at the Weinstein and Randisi law firm. Our attorneys understand how probate litigation works and have experience representing those who only want the deceased’s wishes to be carried out. We know that it is not about any potential inheritance, but rather about respecting the deceased and honoring his or her memory.

By their very nature, will disputes are often complicated and involve not just property but emotions as well. While everyone wants a fair and speedy resolution, they also want their loved one’s interests to remain protected. As such, it is usually unwise to enter into litigation without a strong advocate who understands the details of your case. That is what you will find with Weinstein and Randisi: advocacy, understanding and empathy. Browse our estate planning website for additional information.