The importance of legal help with elder law in New York

by | Nov 2, 2016 | Elder Law |

It is imperative to have a grasp of what elder law does and how its various legal necessities and issues are navigated. There are a great number of categories that elder law covers. From watching over finances to protecting property to ensuring that medical needs are met, those who need assistance must make certain that they are on firm legal ground.

Examples that will often come up have to do with Medicaid, nursing home selection, benefits for veterans and protecting assets. With Medicaid, the person will need to have the peace of mind that their medical needs are taken care of. This is where Medicaid comes in. The program funded by the government is to help those who are unable to pay for their own care. These benefits must be coordinated with other parts of the person’s estate to protect their assets from seizure or the reduction of benefits.

Nursing home facilities can be difficult to gauge. In a best case, scenario, the person will be able to live in the family home. Sometimes that can be expedited by a home health aide or nursing services. Some people eventually need to reside in a nursing home. If that is the case, there are legal issues that will need to be navigated when it comes to income and property. Veterans have benefits that they earned through their service. This too can be a part of an older person’s planning as they move to the next phase of life.

Finally, asset protection is for the good not just of the person, but for the family as well. Assets and property are often left to the family after the elderly person’s death. This can cause problems if it is not fully understood how the tax laws and other factors are weighed. With all of these different circumstances that can come to the forefront, protecting loved ones can be a complex matter. Making sure to have all the legal matters settled is crucial.