Estate litigation can be legally complex and emotionally charged

by | Jan 27, 2017 | Probate Litigation |

When people in New York die their assets will usually go through the probate process before being distributed to heirs. The person’s surviving loved ones may be in a state of grief, and may be relying on the executor of their loved one’s estate to take care of the estate administration details. Unfortunately, certain circumstances may come up in which there is a dispute with regards to the administration of a person’s estate.

One type of dispute that may come up in these circumstances is a will contest. A person’s survivors may not agree on the details of the will. In addition, they may also claim that their loved one executed the will under duress or lacked the mental capacity when the will was signed.

Another type of dispute that may come up in these circumstances is a claim that there was a breach of fiduciary duty. A person’s survivors might not always agree with the decisions that the executor of the estate makes. They may believe that the executor of the estate is not making responsible choices or is making choices that are not in keeping with the estate’s best interests.

Estate administration disputes can be legally complex, in addition to being emotionally charged affairs. Therefore, it can help to get the right information about the probate process. At our law firm, we work to provide our clients with the information that will help them make informed decisions with regards to estate litigation. Whether it is through out-of-court negotiations or whether the matter is litigated, we aim to see that a fair result is reached in a positive and constructive manner.