Formulating an estate plan with business succession in New York

by | Jan 25, 2017 | Estate Planning |

Those who have a business in New York need to make certain that their estate plan addresses it. This is similar in importance to the various personal assets that will come to the forefront in these situations. Often, it is more important. The last thing a person who has worked on a business wants is for there to be issues regarding its maintenance after he or she is gone. Transferring a business to heirs can be complex, but it is frequently a significant goal when crafting strategies to simultaneously protect a business and those who are inheriting it. Legal assistance is an imperative in a business transition.

With small business owners, having a grasp on how to maximize its value when transferring it to the heirs or to another buyer is not something to be glossed over. Some will view this financially and treat it as a sheer business transaction. Others will view it as a family-oriented entity and try to keep it as such with the business staying within the family rather than becoming something other than what the founders and stewards wanted.

There are numerous issues that will come up in these circumstances. These include agreements for purchase and sale; the passing of the business interests to other parties through complicated estate planning; merging with another company; and crafting policies designed to mitigate potential losses. For those who have spent their lives building a business and have a desire to protect it and their family, knowing the intricacies of an estate plan related to a business is paramount.

When there is a business to consider, asset distribution and other facets of the business are all key factors when planning for when the primary owner or operator is no longer there. Having help from a legal professional who is experienced in businesses and the estate planning that comes along with it will help with a comprehensive series of strategies to achieve the stated goals. This is why it is wise to contact an attorney to discuss the matter.