Representing New Yorkers in business estate disputes

by | Apr 6, 2017 | Probate Litigation |

As a previous post discussed, sometimes Rochester, New York, residents can find themselves embroiled in a probate legal dispute, even with other family members and loved ones. Oftentimes, these disputes arise because some heirs or beneficiaries question how the personal representative or other designated person is handling the family business.

A family business is often the most valuable asset in a small estate, and family members may be financially invested in the business’s ongoing success. Moreover, as with other estate disputes, there is often a strong emotional component to the issue as well, as probate or estate fights can have their origins traced back to years of quarrelling and hard feelings.

Finally, estates involving businesses can be difficult to litigate simply because they are not cut and dry. For instance, it is not simply a matter of whether someone followed the instructions in a will or trust that will determine the outcome of an estate dispute involving a business, as the person in charge is likely going to have considerable discretion in how to manage the business’s affairs. What one person might see as a breach of fiduciary duty, another might see as a difficult but reasonable business decision.

In these sorts of difficult, emotionally charged cases, Rochester residents would often do well to rely on experienced legal representation, like that provided by our law office. We have experience in all sorts of estate matters and, specifically, estate litigation. Our approach is always to try to move things forward in a way that solves the issue without driving up legal costs. We work hard for our clients to achieve a fair and favorable result, even when that means taking a case to the courtroom.