Elder law and the selection and financing of a nursing home

by | Jul 21, 2017 | Elder Law |

Dealing with an aging loved one in New York is never easy. So many issues will come to the forefront when it comes to protecting loved ones who are senior citizens. Deciding on whether assisted living or a nursing home is the best possible living arrangement, assessing financial ramifications and if Medicare can cover the payments, and taking estate planning steps are all part of the process. People who are dealing with this situation and all its inherent issues should be aware of the need to have legal advice.

With health care, cost is an unavoidable matter that will immediately come to the forefront. Selecting a nursing home is an important decision. Many older people want to remain in their homes if they can. Perhaps this is possible with home health aides visiting to provide care and companionship. However, some people eventually need to round-the-clock supervision that comes with a nursing home. Families will have a great deal to consider when this is the case and legal help is necessary.

Medicare and Medicaid are often needed to fund the nursing home. Medicaid is a program for those who are not able to afford certain types of care. When seeking Medicaid, it can affect the estate of the person, so it is vital to understand all the details of taking this avenue to cover the costs of a facility. Assets might be at risk when a person is considering how to move forward when they have reached the stage in their life that they need extra help. Assets can be protected and it is wise to know how to keep certain assets.

Families who are caring for an aging loved one and have their best interests in mind must be certain that they are fully cognizant of the litany of factors that are connected to a nursing care facility and all that surrounds moving a loved one in. Having legal assistance for any issue related to elder law can help with selecting a nursing home and paying for it.