Legal assistance for elderly New Yorkers who need Medicaid

by | Apr 12, 2018 | Elder Law |

As New Yorkers grow older, they will inevitably need to pay stricter attention to their healthcare requirements. This often results in high costs that are not covered by insurance and Medicare. A prime example of this is when an elderly person needs to receive long-term nursing care either in a facility or elsewhere. Since it can be so costly and most people do not have the assets or income to pay for it, Medicaid is needed. There are frequent misconceptions about Medicaid. Those who believe they might need it should seek legal assistance when trying to be approved.

With Medicaid, the government will cover medical care that is necessary but unaffordable to an individual. For families that are taking the difficult but necessary steps to place a loved one in a nursing home, Medicaid might be required. Having legal assistance to formulate a strategy to maintain assets to pass on to loved ones while still helping with Medicaid takes nuance, skill and an understanding of the law that a qualified legal professional will have.

There are many questions that will be asked when thinking about Medicaid eligibility. These include how much can be gifted to children before it becomes an issue with receiving Medicaid; if it is possible to pay a loved one to provide the care and still get Medicaid; and how to shield assets when receiving Medicaid so those assets can be passed on to loved ones. These questions and many others can be answered when consulting with a law firm that understands and empathizes with the concerns older people have.

If there is a growing need for medical care and there are issues with finances or a person would simply like to protect their assets when seeking Medicaid, it is critical to have legal assistance to provide guidance and advice throughout the process. Contacting an attorney who specializes in Medicaid and other areas of elder law is the first step.