Talking to your husband about creating a will

by | Aug 3, 2018 | Estate Planning, Wills |

Discussing death with your spouse can be sad and frightening. Most husbands and wives do not want to think about a future without one another, and the thought of creating a will for your assets after you die seems too presumptuous.

Developing a will is a responsible, respectable process. Though you and your husband are likely to continue to spend a long, happy retirement together, tragedies occur, and preparing your loved ones can be a priceless gift. Discussing the creation of a will with your husband may prove to be an experience that ends with peace of mind and identification of your loved ones as beneficiaries.

The will conversation

Many individuals react differently to the suggestion of creating a will. Some individuals react with uncertainty, while others are open to the idea immediately. If you and your husband have never created a will, the first conversation may bring about strong emotion.

  1. Instead of emphasizing the fact that you and your husband should begin preparing your assets for your passing, try:

“We should think about our future and who will benefit from our property.”

  1. Not emphasizing the act of giving away the assets you and your husband have built and worked for, try:

“We want all that we’ve worked for to be placed in the most deserving hands after we pass away.”

  1. Instead of placing worry on your husband about all the tragedies that could happen, try:

“The best time to create a will is before anything happens. We will have peace of mind.”

Attorneys can aid substantially in the process of creating a will. If your husband is concerned about the length of time and is confused about the necessary elements, attorneys have the ability to walk you and your spouse through all documentation. In addition, you may alter your will at any time.

Creating a will is an important element to preparing for the future. Having the initial conversation with your husband may prove unsettling, but you and your husband will be provided peace of mind in knowing that your property is in safe hands.