Setting up your long-term care plans? Choose a guardian and a nursing home

by | Jun 23, 2021 | Long-Term Care Planning |

If you are working on your long-term care plans, two things you should include are your nursing home choice and guardian selection. You want to establish an individual who can care for you if you cannot take care of yourself, and you also want to take the time to select where you’d like to live so long as you have the choice. 

It’s important for people to think about these topics, even though they may feel hard to talk about. The reality is that most elders will need care at one time or another, and having a solid plan in place helps.  

Why do you need a guardian? 

It’s smart to establish a guardian, because that’s a person who will take over your decision-making capabilities for you when you no longer have the ability to make them yourself. Guardianships are similar to conservatorships, but the guardian has control over personal decisions. Conservators only control financial decision-making.  

Why do you need to select a care home now? 

Now, while you’re healthier, it’s a good time to look into nursing homes and other care options. What others might choose for you may not be what you want to choose for yourself. Choosing a nursing home isn’t easy, but selecting one now will give you more time to save for it or to put other plans in place to get the care you need as you age.  

You may find that a nursing home doesn’t suit you after looking at several, and that’s okay, too. In that case, you’ll have more time to look into alternatives, such as in-home care, so you can be where you’re most comfortable when you need support.  

Choosing your long-term care options now lets you rest easy 

Choosing your long-term care options now lets you rest easy, since you will be sure that your preferences and wishes will be recognized. It isn’t always easy to make these decisions, but taking the time to make them now will let you move forward in life knowing that you’re going to be cared for no matter what happens in the future.